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Get A Dog They Said

  • Posted on
  • By Zachary Dewitt
Get A Dog They Said

Want to hear stories from an actual pet owner that just happens to have a pet store as well? Look no further than the Get A Pet They Said blog! Content on pet ownership from a pet owner with access to a large variety of other pet owners.

Hello! Welcome to the Get A Pet They Said Blog!! 


My name is Zach and I’m the owner of an all black, long haired German Shepherd named Franklin! I brought Franklin home in December of 2019 as an 8-week-old fluff ball and he’s changed my world for the better since! I also have the pleasure of being part of the family that owns and operates Skilos, A Family Pet Store on Milwaukee’s Eastside! I mention these things because background is important, right? I’m not an expert (yet). I just care about people's pets. Like a freaking lot! 


I started this blog because I care deeply about not only maximizing my relationship with my bestest good boy Franklin but also helping other pet owners maximize pet ownership for them, whatever that may look like. We, my family and I, opened Skilos, A Family Pet Store for many of those same reasons! Everyone has their own wants, needs and goals with pet ownership so why does it sometimes feel like so many “experts” want you to raise your pet only in a manner they agree with? Is their way truly the best way for you and your pet? 


The Get A Pet They Said Blog is for pet owners, by a pet owner, but without the nonsense of “buy this and your problems are solved” or my personal favorite “this is how I did it and my pet is perfect so do it this way”. Everything I talk about in this blog is my personal opinion. My opinion backed with daily feedback from talking to customers in-store about what they’ve found works and what doesn’t work. I also spend a good amount of time researching topics online; navigating many of the polarizing issues to help point you in the right direction without the headache of bouncing from site to site trying to cross-reference today's most popular opinions. I’ll do my best to remain unbiased and when I am biased, because I really love a product or brand, I’ll tell you. There’s nothing to hide here, just a dialogue on owning pets and what that actually entails.


So let me sift through all the noise out there and entertain you with stories from my journey, friends and customers alike. I’ll take time to touch on pet food nutrition, training, fun activities and you know, pet stuff. I told the editor of this blog (grammar and I do not get along) that I want this to be light hearted and relatable but also with a tone of “I know a thing or two.” She texted me back “this guy has seen some s***.” She’s not wrong, twice if not three times a day Franklin ensures “I see some s***.”


Final Thought From Franklin: My dad was definitely overwhelmed our first year together but I tell ya, the guy puts in the work and really cares. He’s not perfect but I am. We make a ‘barkin’ good team! 


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